Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY: Handmade Soaps

Who wouldv'e thought soap could be so darn cute? I didn't think so until I found these soaps by Brookie's Bath. A fricken' dorable. Handmade soaps with fun scents and shapes. All vegan and cruelty free too!

Here's a link to her shop.

 Get 10% off your order now til midnight on "Cyber Monday", Definitely getting some of these as Christmas gifts!

Food shaped soaps..look good enough to eat...but don't do that...might not taste as good as they look/smell.

Candy Cane Pop: Strawberry and Vanilla Scented with Peppermint Oil.

Cotton Candy with sugar sprinkles. Cotton Candy Scented. YUM

Blueberry Cream Macaroon: Fresh Blueberry and Vanilla Scented.

And now for my faves..Margarita and Tequila Shot Soap... The Margarita even looks like it has icecubes and salt!
Margarita Scented too!

Tequila Shot Soap scented with Sweet Agave Nectar. 

Here's where things get even funkier...

Bacon Scented Soap!! Shaped like little pigs...not so sure I would want to smell like bacon, but there's gotta be some bacon lovers out there who wouldn't mind it.

Vampire teeth& zombie brains. With fake blood...NICE 
These fangs are scented with "Yum Berry" - a mix of fresh strawberries, raspberries and a hint of vanilla. 

Watermelon scented brains...mmmm. 

Brookie's Bath shop also includes fancier elegant soaps, and ones made of special antibacterial agents, or special skin needs. She also packages everything really cute. Now time for some shopping!

Til next time!

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