Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Check In: Gifts and Homemade Party Outfits

Back to the normalness of life! I can start my blogging& jewelry making frenzy now. School is over for good...and work is a little nutso (Forever 21 before, after, and in between any holiday is straight chaos...ALWAYS)

So there was some unexpected personal things that happened to me pre-Christmas and it kinda put me in a sad place :(, but I found my way out because..well thats just what you gotta do! I made some lovely and obnoxious (to say the least) Christmas jewelry and outfits to adorn myself with for a few parties Instant mood brightening. ;) Sparkles EVERYWHERE. If you need to find me, just follow the glitter trail.

Night Number One...Christmas Eve Eve (Yes before the before)

All I did was stick an ornament on a chain and matching ribbons in my hair...Boom and Boom.
So if ever in a need for Christmas cheer next year...just go to Hobby Lobby a couple days before Christmas and you will probably pay like $2 for an ornament and a dollar for some ribbon cuz everything's on sale. Super smart and cheap.

Christmas Eve

My family decided to have an "ugly sweater" contest...and so of course I had to make something. See that picture in the middle? That's my Christmas baby photo from 1988...whaaaaat?! This took me a one and a half Hallmark Christmas movies to complete, but I didn't win because "it wasn't ugly enough...just too cute" which I think is just ridiculous, but oh well.

The rest of the uglies.

Christmas Day

Basically just dressed up like a candy cane. And of course put a bow on our banana, Josep. 

I asked for 3 things this Christmas and my spoiled little self got all of them! 

1. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
Pretty much one of the coolest books I own... I love it. It's a biography of McQueen (who is one of my biggest inspirations ever) with quotes and photos of works from most of his collections which were exhibited at the Met. God.. I wish I could've gone to that exhibit. If you like anything involving art, fashion, nature, pretty much anything thats awesome, this man is like....ahhh I can't even explain. Just get this. 

2. The phone case I wanted from my previous blog post: Different: Artsy IPhone Cases

3. A marker case for all the markers I bought myself for Christmas!!

Well, I hope everyone else had a great Christmas...I will definitely be making some accessories for my New Years outfit. Bought my dress today. I probably won't get a chance to post any blogs until after New Years, but I've accumulated some really great things I'm dying to share! And a lot of jewelry I've been working on that I want to reveal! So look forward to some more posts very soon! :)


Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY: Handmade Soaps

Who wouldv'e thought soap could be so darn cute? I didn't think so until I found these soaps by Brookie's Bath. A fricken' dorable. Handmade soaps with fun scents and shapes. All vegan and cruelty free too!

Here's a link to her shop.

 Get 10% off your order now til midnight on "Cyber Monday", Definitely getting some of these as Christmas gifts!

Food shaped soaps..look good enough to eat...but don't do that...might not taste as good as they look/smell.

Candy Cane Pop: Strawberry and Vanilla Scented with Peppermint Oil.

Cotton Candy with sugar sprinkles. Cotton Candy Scented. YUM

Blueberry Cream Macaroon: Fresh Blueberry and Vanilla Scented.

And now for my faves..Margarita and Tequila Shot Soap... The Margarita even looks like it has icecubes and salt!
Margarita Scented too!

Tequila Shot Soap scented with Sweet Agave Nectar. 

Here's where things get even funkier...

Bacon Scented Soap!! Shaped like little pigs...not so sure I would want to smell like bacon, but there's gotta be some bacon lovers out there who wouldn't mind it.

Vampire teeth& zombie brains. With fake blood...NICE 
These fangs are scented with "Yum Berry" - a mix of fresh strawberries, raspberries and a hint of vanilla. 

Watermelon scented brains...mmmm. 

Brookie's Bath shop also includes fancier elegant soaps, and ones made of special antibacterial agents, or special skin needs. She also packages everything really cute. Now time for some shopping!

Til next time!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Different: Artsy IPhone Cases

Just discovered a really badass website that sells art prints and art on iPhone cases,  Laptop Skins, T-shirts, and hoodies from artists all over the world.

Not only does it give great exposure for artists around the globe, but it allows people to buy a great product featuring a piece of art they love. I might even submit some of my illustrations to be put onto a product...how cool would that be?

So my obsession lies mainly with the iPhone cases, because I have an iPhone and at the moment my case is just plain black...which just does not fly with me now that I know I can get something more exciting! 

There's so many too chose from. It's really hard to decide which one I need to dress my phone up with!
 If you have an iPhone and need to give it some character...this is the place to go.

Heres some of my favorites:

Skull 2 by :Ali GULEC

Sunday Brunch by: 
Grace Breyley

Country Garden by: Amanda Dilworth

Mr. Pavo Real by Valentina

These Diamonds are Forever by:  Bianca Green

Flicker by: Jenean Morrison

Pattern by: Sandra Dieckmann Illustration

So theres my wish list so far...I could probably spend a whole day on this site looking at some of the amazing art work. And now you can see how picking just one can be so hard!

Browsing through this site also is making me want to draw so bad!! So much inspiration!!

I did just buy myself a bunch of markers and colored pencils...There was a 50% off marker and colored pencil set sale at at Blick so had to get on that! Woo! Early Christmas present to myself!  I'll get to that soon though...focus focus focus...I'll have time soon.

Til next time & Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday/Cyber Monday! Handmade and Vintage Deals

Black Friday is almost here! Everyone is planning out their after Thanksgiving shopping adventures, except for the poor people who have to work it (ahem! me!)
Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is going a little nutso. 

So, how about instead of buying that same old boring thing everyone else is getting, why not get a vintage or handmade item for your friends or family member at a Black Friday price?! Avoid those lines and crazy shoppers. All you gotta do is just sit on that booty and let the deals roll in..just a couple clicks and coupon codes and you're set this season! Theres lots of online sales happening this weekend all the way through what is now known as "Cyber Monday", so I took it upon myself to do some deal hunting just for you!

Here are some great shops I found that are having Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sales along with an item from each shop that I think is just super cute or unique!

First I gotta promote my shop of course:

Danielle Christine Jewelry

Just buy everything in the shop k? ;)
30% OFF everything in the shop starting black friday through cyber monday!
No discount code needed!

Heres my newest pair of earrings and newest necklace in case you missed these.


Molly's Finds

This is a cute shop that sells vintage collectibles and home decor. Every item has a cute little story to go along with it.

Get 20% off anything in the shop Black Friday-Cyber Monday.

Fun Find! A super adorable Barbie house from the 60s. LOVE!

Danielle Rose Bean Jewelry

Heres a jewelry artist that is just fricken amazing. She uses  old Victorian hardware and assembles it  into stunning jewelry. I kinda love everything in this shop! Not gonna lie.

Use coupon code: BLACK30 for 30% OFF your entire order! Offer good until November, 27th.

Fun Find! Bib Necklace...WANT!

Catnap Cottage

Heres a shop that just screams cozy. This shop uses all kinds of vintage textiles and makes some unique items out of the fabric. 

They are having a holiday clearance sale going on right now! So just click on the clearance section.

Fun find! Pink and green sweater pillow. Who wouldn't want this seriously?

Love Sweet Caroline

Heres a shop that has some super cute mini cards and gift tags...which would make great gifts as well as additions to your gift giving packages!

15% off all items with discount code: NOVEMBER15

Fun Find! These are too cute to pass up!

AND ONE MORE!! (I could go on forever at this point...but I need some sleep!)

MoonShine Glory

More unique jewelry! (Can you tell I have a bit of a jewelry obsession) This shop features crocheted necklaces& gloves, and mini book necklaces.

Discounts and Free Shipping on select items now through Cyber Monday.

Fun Find! A really pretty turquoise crochet necklace:

Well that's all I've got for now. Happy Shopping Everyone...Don't forget to 
BUY HANDMADE& VINTAGE THIS YEAR...your friends and family will appreciate it! :)


Different: Pantone Mugs

Oh Pantone...how you color my world...literally. I've done a lot of research on color and it's effect on people as well as color forecasting, because being a marketing and merchandising major...color has a lot to do with people's spending habits and can really change a person's emotions. It's a bit crazy when you go far into it. Anyway, Pantone is one of the most important authorities of color when it comes to predicting the market and trends of what is to come as far as fashion, home decorating, and many other consumer products. 

Did you know that 2011 has its own color? Guess what it is?

(images from pantone.com)


Colors of the year are based on society as a whole and the current events that are going on in the world. I guess I can throw that crazy German word everyone always wants to say on occasion to make them sound super sophisticated: zeitgeist. ( you know the really crappy smashing pumpkins album...sorry guys i <3 u but not my fave) 

They chose Honeysuckle as 2011's color of the year with this reasoning: ""In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going – perfect to ward off the blues." (Pantone Press Release)

So if you want to lift your spirits, get some honeysuckle colored anything in your life.

To read more about the color of the year visit: http://www.pantone.com/pages/pantone/Pantone.aspx?pg=20821&ca=4

Anyway, to my awesome find of the day! While being distracted from schoolwork, I came across these lovelies:

Pantone mugs!!!...in lots of colors...and I decided I probably need to own them all at some point in my life...or at least a few, because these are just really too cool. (Christmas idea anyone?)

I'm sure that you can find these a lot of places, but this is where I stumbled to find them: 

Well school time for me...I'll be back later with that Black Friday/ Cyber Monday list ! If not tonight then tomorrow!


Monday, November 21, 2011


Hey everyone!!! First post of my new blog! YAY!

This is mainly just an introduction (as the title suggests). This blog is something I've been wanting to do for a really long time, but really haven't had the time or focus to get it going.

I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Danielle and I'm visual merchandiser at Forever 21. Thats my main gig at the moment. I'm also a full time student so I'm a very busy gal. When I do get some free time, I design and create jewelry for my website: http://www.daniellechristine.com. If you visit my website you'll notice I love to draw a a lot and even include my jewelry pieces in my artwork. You will be seeing a lot of that as well.

As exciting as it is, this blog is not going to be about my personal life. So if thats what you wanted too bad so sad :( That's what Snooki is for. I may mention my dog poopsie every once and a while..but he's just too cute not to talk about!

So....enough about me, lets talk about the future of this blog! If you're a fan of fashion, diy (do it yourself), art, or anything out of the ordinary, then you came to the right place.

The posts in this blog will consist of the following: interesting photography, fashion illustrations& fashion trends, handmade jewelry and crafts, vintage finds, fun drinks, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Anything thats different and unique and needs to be shared will be in here and trust me I have a lot to share!

I will also feature a lot of DIY tutorials, DIY fashion ideas, and DIY artists and shops.

So there it is: BOOM we are now formally INTRODUCED!

Tomorrow I will be posting a list of Black Friday& Cyber Monday Deals I found for some really cool vintage and handmade shops that you really won't wanna miss. So follow my blog or bookmark it so you don't miss out!

See ya soon xodani