Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Check In: Gifts and Homemade Party Outfits

Back to the normalness of life! I can start my blogging& jewelry making frenzy now. School is over for good...and work is a little nutso (Forever 21 before, after, and in between any holiday is straight chaos...ALWAYS)

So there was some unexpected personal things that happened to me pre-Christmas and it kinda put me in a sad place :(, but I found my way out because..well thats just what you gotta do! I made some lovely and obnoxious (to say the least) Christmas jewelry and outfits to adorn myself with for a few parties Instant mood brightening. ;) Sparkles EVERYWHERE. If you need to find me, just follow the glitter trail.

Night Number One...Christmas Eve Eve (Yes before the before)

All I did was stick an ornament on a chain and matching ribbons in my hair...Boom and Boom.
So if ever in a need for Christmas cheer next year...just go to Hobby Lobby a couple days before Christmas and you will probably pay like $2 for an ornament and a dollar for some ribbon cuz everything's on sale. Super smart and cheap.

Christmas Eve

My family decided to have an "ugly sweater" contest...and so of course I had to make something. See that picture in the middle? That's my Christmas baby photo from 1988...whaaaaat?! This took me a one and a half Hallmark Christmas movies to complete, but I didn't win because "it wasn't ugly enough...just too cute" which I think is just ridiculous, but oh well.

The rest of the uglies.

Christmas Day

Basically just dressed up like a candy cane. And of course put a bow on our banana, Josep. 

I asked for 3 things this Christmas and my spoiled little self got all of them! 

1. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
Pretty much one of the coolest books I own... I love it. It's a biography of McQueen (who is one of my biggest inspirations ever) with quotes and photos of works from most of his collections which were exhibited at the Met. God.. I wish I could've gone to that exhibit. If you like anything involving art, fashion, nature, pretty much anything thats awesome, this man is like....ahhh I can't even explain. Just get this. 

2. The phone case I wanted from my previous blog post: Different: Artsy IPhone Cases

3. A marker case for all the markers I bought myself for Christmas!!

Well, I hope everyone else had a great Christmas...I will definitely be making some accessories for my New Years outfit. Bought my dress today. I probably won't get a chance to post any blogs until after New Years, but I've accumulated some really great things I'm dying to share! And a lot of jewelry I've been working on that I want to reveal! So look forward to some more posts very soon! :)