Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Different: Artsy IPhone Cases

Just discovered a really badass website that sells art prints and art on iPhone cases,  Laptop Skins, T-shirts, and hoodies from artists all over the world.

Not only does it give great exposure for artists around the globe, but it allows people to buy a great product featuring a piece of art they love. I might even submit some of my illustrations to be put onto a cool would that be?

So my obsession lies mainly with the iPhone cases, because I have an iPhone and at the moment my case is just plain black...which just does not fly with me now that I know I can get something more exciting! 

There's so many too chose from. It's really hard to decide which one I need to dress my phone up with!
 If you have an iPhone and need to give it some character...this is the place to go.

Heres some of my favorites:

Skull 2 by :Ali GULEC

Sunday Brunch by: 
Grace Breyley

Country Garden by: Amanda Dilworth

Mr. Pavo Real by Valentina

These Diamonds are Forever by:  Bianca Green

Flicker by: Jenean Morrison

Pattern by: Sandra Dieckmann Illustration

So theres my wish list so far...I could probably spend a whole day on this site looking at some of the amazing art work. And now you can see how picking just one can be so hard!

Browsing through this site also is making me want to draw so bad!! So much inspiration!!

I did just buy myself a bunch of markers and colored pencils...There was a 50% off marker and colored pencil set sale at at Blick so had to get on that! Woo! Early Christmas present to myself!  I'll get to that soon though...focus focus focus...I'll have time soon.

Til next time & Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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