Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday/Cyber Monday! Handmade and Vintage Deals

Black Friday is almost here! Everyone is planning out their after Thanksgiving shopping adventures, except for the poor people who have to work it (ahem! me!)
Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is going a little nutso. 

So, how about instead of buying that same old boring thing everyone else is getting, why not get a vintage or handmade item for your friends or family member at a Black Friday price?! Avoid those lines and crazy shoppers. All you gotta do is just sit on that booty and let the deals roll in..just a couple clicks and coupon codes and you're set this season! Theres lots of online sales happening this weekend all the way through what is now known as "Cyber Monday", so I took it upon myself to do some deal hunting just for you!

Here are some great shops I found that are having Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sales along with an item from each shop that I think is just super cute or unique!

First I gotta promote my shop of course:

Danielle Christine Jewelry

Just buy everything in the shop k? ;)
30% OFF everything in the shop starting black friday through cyber monday!
No discount code needed!

Heres my newest pair of earrings and newest necklace in case you missed these.


Molly's Finds

This is a cute shop that sells vintage collectibles and home decor. Every item has a cute little story to go along with it.

Get 20% off anything in the shop Black Friday-Cyber Monday.

Fun Find! A super adorable Barbie house from the 60s. LOVE!

Danielle Rose Bean Jewelry

Heres a jewelry artist that is just fricken amazing. She uses  old Victorian hardware and assembles it  into stunning jewelry. I kinda love everything in this shop! Not gonna lie.

Use coupon code: BLACK30 for 30% OFF your entire order! Offer good until November, 27th.

Fun Find! Bib Necklace...WANT!

Catnap Cottage

Heres a shop that just screams cozy. This shop uses all kinds of vintage textiles and makes some unique items out of the fabric. 

They are having a holiday clearance sale going on right now! So just click on the clearance section.

Fun find! Pink and green sweater pillow. Who wouldn't want this seriously?

Love Sweet Caroline

Heres a shop that has some super cute mini cards and gift tags...which would make great gifts as well as additions to your gift giving packages!

15% off all items with discount code: NOVEMBER15

Fun Find! These are too cute to pass up!

AND ONE MORE!! (I could go on forever at this point...but I need some sleep!)

MoonShine Glory

More unique jewelry! (Can you tell I have a bit of a jewelry obsession) This shop features crocheted necklaces& gloves, and mini book necklaces.

Discounts and Free Shipping on select items now through Cyber Monday.

Fun Find! A really pretty turquoise crochet necklace:

Well that's all I've got for now. Happy Shopping Everyone...Don't forget to 
BUY HANDMADE& VINTAGE THIS YEAR...your friends and family will appreciate it! :)


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