Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 2013! &Winter Whites

Happy 2013 Everyone...been away for a while...lots of craziness going on with the holidays. Lots of work and play, which leaves no time for finding finds!! :)

I'm excited for this year. My resolutions are usually the same. Be healthier, happier, and more creative. I  tend to put my artistic outlets to the side when I get really stressed out, but those are really the things that help the most! So I need to stop that! So more jewelry making, more blogging, and of course more drawing!! Need to do all those.

So in honor of fresh clean and new, I thought I'd start out with a winter white color blog. When I think of white, I think of a blank page. I've noticed white more and more in the winter, which was always thought to be a no-no in the fashion world, but no longer! Enjoy!

I was not able to find the original sources to some of these photos...they are not mine. 
If you know who to credit feel free to let me know!

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