Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dreaming of a PINK Christmas

My love for the color pink is unending. It's been my favorite color always, so it's actually kinda surprising I've yet to do any pink color themed posts thus far. I guess I get caught up in whats trending at the moment. It's a disorder caused by working retail I think.

Anyway! Every year I tend to lean more towards a pink and green combo when it comes to my Christmas outfits and it just so happens I've been finding a lot of wonderful pink Christmas lovelies while browsing the web. So here's my second Christmas post...and probably my last until next year. I still have lots of wrapping to do and I have a feeling my gifts will most likely be covered in pink.

And of course, stick around til the end to see a wonderful Etsy Treasury I've curated just for you! :)

Pink Christmas FLASHBACK!! My pink Christmas outfit from last year. Made that necklace using an ornament of course and check out that curly cue ribbon adorning my purple hair!
(Already have a pink outfit picked out for this year)

Vintage Christmas Cards:




More Christmas Lovelies:

Pink Trees Src: Bijou and Boheme

Grand America Hotel's 2010 Christmas Campaign

Pink Gifts Src: French by Design

Mini Gingerbread House DIY Src: Cake Time

My Etsy Treasury: Pink Christmas

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