Friday, November 9, 2012

Danielle Christine Jewelry & Fated to Be Hated Update

My shameless plug for the day. I'll probably post a jewelry post every once in a while to keep you updated on the latest happenings going on with Danielle Christine Jewelry.

I make some pretty great jewelry ass most of you know. I've been doing it for quite some time now and I love doing it because 1. It's fun 2. It let's me be creative and turn my inspirations into wearable art.  and 3. I get so excited when someone wants to wear it!

Any artist gets excited when a painting, or sculpture, or whatever you've worked so very hard on sells, because you someone wants it to hang in their living room or use it for whatever purpose, but jewelry and accessories are a little bit different in my eyes, because people get to really show it off. I wear my own jewelry often and it's amazing when someone compliments it and you get to say "I made it."

So anyway, I just wanted to show off my latest work and then also show off some photos of one of my favorite fashionistas Bebe Zeva, wearing one of my pieces.

 I haven't posted these on my Etsy Shop  yet, but they will be up today...Brand new!!

Check out my Up in Smoke blog post to see what inspired me to make this! 

Whats's your favorite new item? 

And heres Bebe!!

I just love how she puts together her outfits and accessories. The necklace really compliments this look and I think she did an amazing styling job with this shoot. See the rest of this look HERE.

Check out her many and very much "hyped" looks on

and her personal styling blog Fated to be Hated to see more of the lovely Bebe Zeva.

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