Saturday, April 21, 2012

Handmade Etsy Finds: Summer Camp

This post is dedicated to my summer camp memories. While coming across two new trends, adult friendship bracelets and tie dye..and I mean tie dye EVERYTHING, I started thinking about all the fun things we would make during arts and crafts at camp. And then it just got me going and I made an etsy treasury with all things summer camp! Here's my finds of the day:

Adult Friendship Bracelets. They're basically you're average friendship bracelet, but blinged out to the max.

This one mixed chains and crystals and even has a leather backing...super fancy.

These ones are really crazy. I like them a lot!

Tie Dye. Now that summer is just around the corner...although it doesn't feel like it in Chicago right now 
*sadface* I'm starting to see a lot of tie dye even in stores around here. And summer camp was the perfect place to learn!

Heres some of my favorite tie dye Etsy finds:

These are a bit different that your classic tie dye tee-shirt, but thats why I love them!

And heres a few more finds that are just fun.

Nope you can't eat it, but you can clean up your sticky mess afterwards with it!

Who didn't make a crown of flowers during Summercamp?? Or in your backyard at least...This one is just gorgeous.

I may have to purchase this. Least favorite part about camp? The bugs. YUCK and I always hate the smell of bug spray so I never wanna use it. Maybe something natural might be a better option! 

Omg this thing was just so cute...I want it. It's a handmade felted chipmunk. Looks just like the real thing and I thought it was the perfect addition to my treasury!

Well here's the treasury itself if you wanna see the rest of my finds. Take a look at my other ones and of course check out my etsy shop while your there!!

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