Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just for Fun: Nineties Nostalgia

I've been coming across a lot of  Pinterest Boards dedicated to Childhood Memories, specifically the 90s kids and I came across a few things that took me back to a time and place before cell phones and laptops. Oh the things that made me happy back then! And if you grew up when I did, some of these finds should bring a smile to your face!

Lets talk about what may have caused my artsy side...

Pre Photoshop? This was like paint, actually now that I think about it I think it was just paint,but a little more fun haha. But back then, this was the cool thing to do. I loved the stamps.


If you didn't have these, you were just missing out on life. And then they came out with the metallics, and the glitters. Everyone wanted these in every color. I remember our teachers banning us from writing with them on our homework because we were dumb and would do our math work in neon yellow, or something else crazy like that.


Do they still make these? Fruity smelling markers, scratch and sniff stickers, scented babies...yea remember those? So smelly things were just a fad huh?  I liked the light blue one the best....liquorice grossed me out a bit, not gonna lie. 

Speaking of scents, who doesn't want to smell like cotton candy or gummybears? 


This was EVERYONE's signature scent in elementary school. Who needs Chanel No5  when you got Gummy Bear? I loved this shit. AND I found out they still sell these for $4 online. Might have to make a purchase soon.

Another "Cosmetic" of some sort was the good old lip smackers by bonne bell. Still available in all kinds of yummy scents. Collect them all and store them safely in your trusty caboodle. 

Again cotton candy, always a fave.


Before I was led into my love of ginormous earrings like the ones I make now(pre ear piercing at claire's) I had to settle for these bad boys.

A different one every month.

Lets talk toys now. Because looking back at some of the things that kept me so entertained would probably keep me busy for a good five minutes!


Still don't know what these are. And they make them still, only in "gogo" modern version. Whatever that means. Basically they were just little plastic shapes with faces. I had a little tin I carried these around in. Weird. 


Had a bunch of these too. Again I think there was some sort of game where you flipped them, but I think I just liked to collect things.


Again, another weird thing we collected for no reason. How creepy...I think you were supposed to wish on that gem or something. I could've just made that up though. They did have pretty rad colored hair though. 

Now these were actually a pretty badass toy. You pulled the cord on the back and they flew like fairy helicopters. Fun stuff. 


These were just little boxes with mini worlds inside...Totally forgot about them til now. 


This is kind of along the lines of Polly Pocket, only in my favorite characters next to I Love Lucy. I would LOVE watching Lucy, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie on:

AKA Nick at Night. Where they played shows from the 50s&60s. Basically what they play on TVLand now. Loves it.

And to end this, because I could go on forever with these, just some shows that were way better than the crap they play now! Miss these.

Hope that wasn't boring for whoever is reading this, but this was super fun for me!

Til next time. 


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  1. Where can I find those Juice Bar Body Sprays online?! I have been looking forever!