Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY: Nice Ice

Okay, so I gotta throw this out there...I'm totally addicted to Pinterest. I can't help it...there's just so many great things on there that lead to other great things that lead to other great things and so on. If you don't know what it is, it's basically just online pinboards where you can save pictures of things you like or bookmark diy projects you want to do at some point (once you ever get your butt off the computer!!)

That being said, I stumbled upon this super cute diy idea. Edible flowers in ice. 
Anyone who knows me and my drinks, I pretty much can't drink anything without ice in it, unless of course its a hot drink...which in that case I'll probably put ice in it anyway just because I have a constant fear of tongue burning. 
I've never actually tried this, but its definitely on my list of things to do. Basically all you do is get an icecube tray (one that makes larger cubes preferably), put a bottom layer of water and freeze that, then layer the flower on that then make the second layer of ice, and voila! floral icecubes.  I don't think you can get anymore feminine and pretty than that. Would be great for a spring time party. Make sure you use EDIBLE  flowers...don't want you getting sick trying this.

Here's a link to the most inexpensive ones I could find. I'm sure theres other places that carry them for around this price or less.

So of course after finding that I got curious about what other fun icy diy ideas I could find. Came up with a nice list!

1. Rainbow Cubes
This is easy...just add food coloring or koolaid( if you want a little flavor kick) to your cubes, then add your favorite drink. I think vodka and sprite would be way yum with the koolaid. Get even more creative and add your favorite lemonade, cranberry juice, orange juice, or other favorite juice instead of water to gradually add flavor as the cubes melt!

2. Fruit and Mint Cubes

Just add your favorite fruit or herbs like mint or lavender. Would taste great in lemonade or iced tea! Using a cupcake pan instead of an icecube tray would make the ice last longer and would be good for a pitcher or punch bowl.

3. Coffee and cocoa cubes

Use frozen chocolate milk cubes and add milk or even more chocolate milk to make a dessert drink. Doing this will make your drink cold, yum, and won't water it down!

The same concept goes for iced coffee. If you make your cubes out of coffee, your coffee won't get watered down when the ice melts.

Well that's all I've got in the ice realm. Any other ideas you have feel free to share in my comments! And if you like DIY and Different, don't forget to follow my blog!


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