Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY&Different: Cake thats NOT cake! :o

**WARNING..the word "Cute" may appear more than necessary in this blog entry, don't mind my lack of adjectives when it comes to cutesy food stuff...see there it is...**

Who doesn't love cake or cupcakes?! I kinda have a thing for food driven products that aren't food, because they are usually just so darn cute. 

I came across a really cool editorial the other day by Fred Lebaine for Wad Magazine

In the editorial perfume bottles were used to look like cakes. 
Here's my faves.

Just love that!! heres a few cake themed products that I just love and had to share.

For all the sewing cupcake lovers out there!

Cupcake Candles by Sweet Love Candles
Those are CANDLES! What?! 

These can be cool :)

Other "baked" goods made of eco-friendly felt can be found in this shop! SO CUTE! ;)

This shop has some of the most realistic sweets shaped soaps I've ever seen...will definitely wanna check it out!

And of course gotta rep myself ;)...made this Chocolate Cupcake Rhinestone Frame Necklace  awhile ago and is still available in my Danielle Christine Jewelry Storenvy Shop

Modeled Photo by Vincent Glielmi

I could probably go on for days finding cute cake shaped handmade lovelies. Totally craving some sweets now. Have a good day! And Please follow my blog if you love DIY and Different!


P.S. Gotta leave you with some FASHION CUPCAKES...for foody fashionistas!

Fashion Cupcakes by Therese Aldgard

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