Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Instalately: My latest instagram posts

I totally love instagram right now, so I'll probably be sharing these every so often! Plus I take pix of some great things! :) The first ones are just things around the house, and the last ones are from my the vintage and jewelry show I took part in recently. Follow me: @Daniglamour

Best pizza I've ever made! A pinterest find of course. BBQ Chicken Pizza. A copy cat recipe for the one from California Pizza Kitchen. So good. 

An ebay buy. I just had to do it. This was my favorite toy as a kid. The I Dream of Jeannie Bottle Playset.

My mannequins latest wearables. Bralette from Forever 21. Thrifted pants turned to shorts. And my new favorite item of clothing, my lime green kimono from Salt Water Gypsy. Necklace made by me of course!

My neon yellow accessory obsession.

Mint green Tassel earrings coming soon to my shop!

My friend Bridget's absolutely adorable living room. Everything in her home is so darn cute I can't even handle it.

My friend Bridget Hula Hooping. She's got mad hooping skills.

My $5 Earring display at the show. Barbie Shoes, Mini Can Charms, Skulls, Crystals, Raw Gemstones. 

My full display at the show!

Barefoot sandals Bridget made for me. These got lots of instagram likes!

Me and the other talented ladies of the show! I'm in the green tank and jean shorts. In case your wondering ;)

This was the first day. All the ladies thought my purple Forever 21 Romper was a vintage bathing suit. :o

Gorgeous Bracelets by Crystal Pyramid Jewelry. I bought one and love it.

Thats it for now. If you have an instagram account feel free to follow me! @Daniglamour

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