Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Win a pair of Sparkle Skull&Shoe Earrings!! GIVEAWAY TIME!

Wanna win a pair of sparkle shoe skull earrings?!  I know I would! I'm going to be giving a pair of these lovelies in the color of their choice to 3 random lucky winners...so if you want in pay attention!!

Heres what you gotta do:

1. Follow my blog! Easy breezy.

2. Share this post via twitter, facebook, OR blogger.  All three if you really want! There is options to do this right under the post below! Piece of cake.

3. Comment under this post with your name, the color of the earrings you want to win (from left to right in photo:  pink, yellow, black, white, green, blue), and the way you shared the post ( just write twitter, facebook, or blogger).

You MUST do all 3 steps in order to win!!! So don't leave any out! I will check to make sure they were all done.

The three winners will be announced NEXT TUESDAY March 13th.


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  1. Jayme Ritter and I like the blue ones :)

  2. April Perez. PINK. &I Facebook.

  3. Danielle Weber I like the pink ones (:

  4. Peggy Evang, I happen to ♥ all the colors so if I win surprise me, and I shared on facebook and will be sharing on blogger as soon as I finish my give away post.

  5. OKAY SO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED WILL GET A PAIR OF EARRINGS YAY!! Email me danielle@daniellechristine.com with your address and I'll ship your earrings of choice to you!!